Divorce Lawyers in Toronto

Bitter Divorces

Even if your breakup was amicable and you don’t actively hate your partner, when it comes time for the divorce proceedings, you’re going to want to hire a family lawyer. Toronto couples who try to handle their divorce themselves usually end up mired in confusing paperwork and hating each other as they squabble for assets they’re not even sure they have. Toronto family lawyers know how divorce proceedings work and are your safeguard to making sure you are treated fairly when it comes time to divide the joint assets. Here are just a few of the important things that divorce lawyers can do for you.

One of the key things that family lawyers provide is a layer of insulation between you and your partner. If your breakup was a bad one or if there was abuse, this shielding can be invaluable. Toronto lawyers will represent your interests during the proceedings and will not be intimidated or bullied by your former spouse when it comes to dividing up the assets. He or she will fight for what you want out of the divorce, whether that’s full custody of the children or the house that your mother’s aunt left your family in her will.

Lawyers are also professional arguers, so they can state your case to a judge better than you ever could. They can help you organize your thoughts, evidence, and arguments and present them for you so that the judge presiding over your case will see you and your case in the best possible light, even if there are blemishes on your record. Having a Toronto lawyer on your side is especially important if you’ve done some things in the relationship that would normally have the judge siding with your partner, because lawyers are able to spin things and omit as they see fit to best argue your case.

Lawyers are also important to the divorce process because without them it can be very difficult to discover what exactly your joint assets are. What if your spouse has been hiding income from you or there’s some question about whether the house is owned jointly or by the partner who lived in it before the marriage? These are questions that the law needs to settle.